Social media marketing tools for startups

If you’re launching a new startup, you need social media templates.
An easy way to create a trendy Facebook, Instagram, and
Twitter page that captures your brand and audience.


Get instant access to a PDF instruction file containing the direct links to your Canva templates.


Switch the fonts, colors & design assets for your own, and easily upload your photos into the frames.


Export your new biz templates, or re-use them to build even more online marketing graphics.

Designed exclusively for startups

Your social media is built. You can easily change the
text and images and plugin your own.

. For Makers

Avoid struggling with design and tech Overpage makes a dent in your to-do list and get projects done in minutes

. For Social Manager

Maximize the power of your social media pages with ease using the "Pro License"

. For Freelancers

Gain unhindered access to your suitable recruiters & Re-allocate the time you save to revenue-generating tasks

Standard License

$25 $42
Use for one project

Limited Updates

Pro License


Use for many projects

Lifetime Deal (pay once)

Need custom Designs for your startup?

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